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Thanks to Tim and the team, I cannot rate high enough. Took my car in thinking it had an issue, they had ordered parts to fix it but on inspection they told me it didn’t need doing. They could have easily just done the job I had asked and charged me for it but, they sent the parts back and charged me a small amount for the inspection time. If only that kind of honesty was more common.

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Cam G

Amazing, I’ve only been here once but this garage is efficient, very helpful, provides excellent advice, atnd they don’t try to squeeze every last cent from the customer. The prices are reasonable. I’m surprised how reasonably priced they are given its VW. Only a dodgy mechanic could be cheaper. 5 stars is not enough.

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Adam T.

I should start by saying I found this one mechanic, Tim Clark, the (now) owner, through a recommendation who had found him by a recommendation and who had also found him by a recommendation! Word of mouth seems to be driving this mechanic’s success (sorry for the pun)! When I got my first new car, I needed someone close to public transport, and I had noooo idea how to tell a good mechanic from a lamppost, so I was stoked when a mate (in a similar recently-post-grad salary bracket!!) told me she had a dude who she’d found through friends and he was awesome. I took my little Japanese hatchback to this fancy European car mechanic for his second service ever, and I *literally* have never taken my car to another mechanic since then, not counting when I’ve had prangs and needed panel work done and stuff… *shameface*

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Charlie S.

Tim and his team are fabulous! Honest, reliable and well priced servicing with no unnecessary add on selling. As a female I feel very comfortable dealing with them.

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Michelle C.

Had our VW Golf service completed at German Technik. Competitively priced and very happy with the service, dropped the car off in the morning and picked up on my way home. Managing Director was very attentive and able to provide advice. Would recommend and plan to use again.

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Rafe B.