Diagnostic Specialist

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Here at German Technik, we pride ourselves on our quality equipment. A tradesman is only as good as his tools. In truth, this is what makes us simply the best German-vehicle mechanic in Melbourne. Our competitive edge is gained from working exactly as Audi works on Audi vehicles, or Volkswagen on Volkswagen etc.

Diagnostic Specialist

We use the same diagnostic tools, the same software, as manufacturers. We have an “insiders’” knowledge both of what makes these luxury vehicles work well, but also how to keep them running for longer – but without the added expense! As an approachable, local mechanic for your favourite brand, we also take the time to give you personalised service, something you can’t get at big dealerships.

With this superior quality equipment, there’s really no reason to take your vehicle to any other service provider. The German vehicle is our native language.

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